192.168.o.1 IP Address Default Login – Password

192.168.o.1 IP Address Default Login Password – There are certain IP or Internet Protocol addresses that are utilized for computer networks in the communication and well as identification process. is one such IP address. This is the very address that proves to be the identifier in order to recognize the electronic devices connected to a network. With the help of this address you can very well configure computers or for that matter any brands of network routers on local networks. IP address happens to be the address of some home-use broadband routers. It is, in fact, the default value of a variety of Netgear model as well as D-link model routers. But, the good thing is that the user can change it anytime with the help of the network router management console.

As is a private IPv4 network address, the home-use router can very well use it in order to set up the default gateway. You can access its management console in this router through a web browser at In case, any routers or any computer of any brand on the local network faces any sort of difficulties, you can take help of this address or similar IPv4 address, for example, to fix it. It is however suggested that any IP address on the network, only one piece of equipment to use for preventing any sorts of address conflicts.

How to find out your router IP address.

First of all to check if you router is actually using IP address you need to perform following steps.

Default login for D-Link Router

Unless your internet provider changed default username and password following login details should work for

– Username: admin

– Password: blank

Default login for Netgear Router

Unless your internet provider changed default username and password following login details should work for

– Username: admin

– Password: password or 1234

Private addresses are quite unusual as they can be used many times for a range of networks. It means that having the same IP address for a variety of networks at the same time doesn’t cause any interferences or conflicts. And despite that, the range of private IP addresses is considered to be non-routable which mean these addresses are not able to communicate on the Internet as routers are set to block the entry traffic delivered via private addresses. This may be their disadvantage but it might be an advantage in another way. As outer networks do not connect to private ones, this IP address will not be vulnerable to the nasty elements such as irresponsible or bad users.


If there is a necessity to link to outer networks, this private address has to do a gateway, so that other networks can detect it. A router may also allow the Internet use between these both networks. In order to have this happen, you need a proxy server or NAT (Network Address Translation). In any event, note that two networks might have the same IP address. Also, some arousal problems in accessing the router are possible. Browser settings need to be cleared for that.

Do you want to get access to

Are you among those who want to get access to If your answer to these questions is an emphatic yes, you will have to identify whether your computer gateway is or not. The step is open CMD and type: IP config/all, or use this command: ping -t. Ping command is a commonly used DOS (Disk Operating System) command that is used to ascertain whether the network is connected and the speed of the network is fast or moderate. Even if the address of the gateway is but, the login window does not get displayed, one plausible reason for it can be the network port not being specified or presence of a firewall.

What can be done with this IP?

If you are among those who want to get full access to your modem device with full authorization, entering IP address will serve your purpose. After getting logged in, you can very well make adjustments and play on all the transactions offered by the router software. The adjustments that you can make include but not limited to IP QoS, Network Management, Proxy, Security Options, WLAN, DNS, LAN, WAN settings, DSL, DHCP client, MAC, WPS, ADSL blocking and similar other adjustments. It really does not matter, whether you are at home or at a very far-off place, you can efficiently and effectively manage your internet using this way.

192.168.o.1 Resetting Password

If you experience any password failure in this IP, the first thing that you need to do is to reset the router setting. On the back of the router, you can use a toothpick or a needle against the hole and simultaneously unplug the power of your router. Now, connect the network cable connected to the external network to WLAN port on the router and connect your computer to the LAN port on top of the router.

192.168.o.1 Default Login, Password

Model Device Type Admin Username Admin Password
3CRTRV10075 router
NP22 wireless router admin admin
GT701 admin
GT701WG (none) (none)
GT704 admin (none)
GT704WGRV (none) (none)
GT724WG (none) (none)
GT784WN (none) (none)
M1000 modem (none) (none)
PK5000 modem (none) (none)
R1524 modem (none) (none)
R3000 router (none) (none)
R3010UW router (none) (none)
R3010UW(AP) (none) (none)
R3010UW access point
R3010UW(AP) access point
R1524 modem
GT784WN modem
M1000 modem
GT724WGR modem
GT701WG modem
GT704WGRV modem
GT704 modem admin
PK5000 modem
R3010SUW router
R3000 router
PK5001A wireless router,dsl modem admin ”randomly generated”
WL151N-AR router admin admin
Uspeed 300Mbps dual band router admin admin
Uspeed 600Mbps dual band router admin admin
Uspeed Dual Band Router 300Mbps router admin admin
Uspeed Dual Band Router 600Mbps router admin admin
Aperion Audio
Aris Wireless Card for Windows unspecified
DG860P2 wireless router,cable modem admin password
DG950A wireless router,cable modem admin password
SBG6700-AC wireless router,cable modem admin password
windows xp admin arrowpoint
RTW030 router admin admin
6800G wireless router
MV430 3G gateway admin admin
MV440 3G gateway admin admin
MR-105N admin admin
PGP-108N admin admin
F5D8236-4 V3 V3 NONE NONE
Bountiful WiFi
BWRG1000 wireless router admin admin
BWRG500 wireless router admin admin
LinkMax HSA300A-2 broadmax broadmax
WCR-300S router
CBW560 modem cable
CBV704EW modem admin password
DPC3825 3.02 admin W2402
DPQ3925 admin password
EPC2425 1.0 (none) 233897301
DPC3825 wireless router,cable modem
CNWR-811P printer
NetPassage 15 admin password
C300BRS4 router admin admin
C54BRS4A wireless router admin admin
FXE2000-G access point admin pass
CG-BAR-SD router
CTR350 hotspot
PHS300S hotspot
CTR35 hotspot
PHS300 hotspot
MBR1400 router ”randomly generated”
MBR1200B router
MBR1000 router
IBR600E router
CTR500 router
MBR95 router
MBR900 router
MBR1200 wireless router
SG300 root default
SG560 root default
SG565 root default
DIR-895L router (none) (blank)
DWC-1000 Rev.A and B admin admin
EBR-2310 admin (blank)
KR-1 admin (none)
N300 rev.A admin (none)
TM-G5240 (none) admin
WBR-1310 admin (blank)
WBR-1310 2.0 volcom75 1987197500
AC1200 Amplifi gigabit model (none) (blank)
WBR-2310 admin (blank)
WBR-2310 a1 1.02 D Link 25
AC1750 Amplifi router (none) (blank)
WBR-2310 revB admin (blank)
AC1750 Wireless rev.A (none) (blank)
AC1900 router (none) (blank)
AC3150 router (none) (blank)
AC3200 router (none) (blank)
AC5300 router (none) (blank)
AC750 Wireless router admin (blank)
All Models 211cmw91765
DFL-1600 firewall admin admin
DFL-210 firewall admin admin
DGL-4100 admin (blank)
DGL-4300 admin (blank)
DI-524 none none
DI-524 admin (none)
DI-524UP admin (none)
DI-624 Admin (none)
DI-624 admin password
DI-624M admin (blank)
DI-624S admin (blank)
DI-634M admin (blank)
DI-704P admin (blank)
DI-704UP admin (blank)
DI-707 (none) admin
DI-707P admin (none)
DI-711 admin (none)
DI-713 (none) admin
DI-713P (none) admin
DI-724GU admin (blank)
DI-724U admin (blank)
DI-754 admin (none)
DI-774 admin (none)
DI-804HV admin (blank)
DI-804V admin (blank)
DI-808HV admin (blank)
DI-824VUP Airplus G Wireless VPN Router admin (blank)
DI-824VUP+ admin password
DI-LB604 admin (blank)
DIR-130 admin (blank)
DIR-300 admin blank
DIR-300 root none
DIR-300 1 admin admin
DIR-300 admin
DIR-320 admin (blank)
DIR-330 admin (blank)
DIR-412 admin (blank)
DIR-450 admin (blank)
DIR-451 admin (blank)
DIR-505L admin (blank)
DIR-600 3.02 admin (none)
DIR-600L admin (none)
DIR-605 admin (none)
DIR-605L admin (none)
DIR-615 admin (blank)
DIR-615 1.0.0 admin admin
DIR-615 1.10(I) Admin
DIR-615 l1 Admin none
DIR-625 admin (blank)
DIR-628 admin (none)
DIR-635 Admin (blank)
DIR-645 Admin (none)
DIR-651 Admin (none)
DIR-655 admin (blank)
DIR-657 Admin (none)
DIR-660 admin (blank)
DIR-665 Admin (none)
DIR-685 Admin (none)
DIR-810L admin (blank)
DIR-815 Admin (none)
DIR-816L admin (blank)
DIR-818LW admin (blank)
DIR-820L admin (blank)
DIR-825 Admin (none)
DIR-826L admin (blank)
DIR-827 Admin (none)
DIR-835 Admin (none)
DIR-842 gigabit router (none) (blank)
DIR-850L (n/a) (none)
DIR-855 admin (blank)
DIR-857 Admin (none)
DIR-859 router (none) (blank)
DIR-868L (n/a) (none)
DIR-880L (n/a) (none)
DIR-890L Admin (none)
DIR-604 access point Admin
DWR-530 hotspot admin
DSL-504 modem admin admin
DCM-604 modem admin password
DIR-506L nas admin
DI-604UP printer admin
DAP-1320 repeater Admin
DIR-860L router admin ”randomly generated”
DWR-555 router admin
WBR-2310 router admin
DWR-117 router admin
DI-711 router admin
DIR-602L router Admin
DIR-120 router admin
DIR-100 router admin
EBR-2310 router
DHP-1565 router Admin
DIR-450 router admin
DIR-600L router admin
DIR-501 router admin
DIR-602 router admin
DIR-620 router admin admin
DIR-300 router admin admin
DIR-645L router admin
DIR-615 router admin admin
DIR-456U router admin admin
DIR-625 router admin
DIR-320 router admin admin
DIR-619L router admin
DIR-836L router Admin
DIR-802 router Admin
DIR-524 router admin
DIR-400 router admin
DIR-601 router admin
DIR-826L router Admin
DIR-600 router admin
DIR-655 router admin
DIR-513 router Admin
DIR-601L router admin
DIR-651 router admin
DIR-652 router admin
DIR-619 router admin
DIR-618 router admin
DHP-1320 router admin
DIR-610N+ router Admin
DIR-845L router admin
DIR-605 router admin
DWR-512 router admin
DIR-605L router admin
DIR-809 router
DIR-653 router Admin
DI-624+ router
DIR-825 router admin
DI-524 router admin
WBR-1310 router admin
DIR-614 router admin
DIR-456 router admin
DIR-410 router admin
DI-754 router admin
DIR-636L router Admin
DIR-855L router Admin
DIR-862L wireless router Admin
DIR-863 wireless router Admin
DIR-869 wireless router Admin
DIR-879 wireless router Admin
DIR-885L wireless router Admin
DIR-890L wireless router
DIR-895L wireless router Admin
TM-G5240 wireless router admin
DI-634M wireless router admin
DI-713 wireless router admin
DI-714 wireless router admin
DI-724U wireless router admin
DI-764 wireless router admin
DI-774 wireless router admin
DI-784 wireless router admin
DI-824VUP wireless router admin
DIR-280 wireless router admin
DIR-505 wireless router Admin
DIR-515 wireless router admin
DIR-635 wireless router admin
DIR-806A wireless router admin admin
DIR-818L wireless router Admin
DVG-N5402SP wireless router,analog phone gateway admin password
DIR-685 wireless router,NAS Admin
DI-713P wireless router,print server admin
DI-714+ wireless router,print server admin
92141 router admin admin
DSL642WLG modem admin password
WRG (Wireless Residential Gateway) admin password
TRN router
4GR router admin password
3GN router admin password
PRO router admin password
GO (DGO) router admin password
DOMA router
Vigor 2800VG modem
WAR-54M-01 modem admin admin
Home Wi-Fi System wireless router
EH100 router admin
ENHWI-3GN3 router admin admin
ENHWI-2AN3 router admin admin
ENHWI-N3 wireless router admin admin
ESR-6650 admin admin
ERB300 media bridge admin admin
ETA1305 media bridge,access point admin admin
ESR350 router admin admin
ESR300 router
EIR900 router admin admin
ESR-9750 router admin admin
ESR900 router admin admin
ESR-9752 router admin admin
ESR-9753 router admin admin
ESR-9750G router admin admin
ESR9850 router admin admin
ESR6650 router admin admin
ESR1221N router admin admin
ESR750 router admin admin
ESR600 router admin admin
EVR100 router admin admin
ESR7750 router admin admin
ESR1750 router admin admin
ETR-9330 wireless router admin admin
ETR-9350 wireless router admin admin
ETR-9360 wireless router admin admin
W25 user NextG
SilverStore 2-Drive NAS NAS enclosure
Fry’s Electronics
FR-300RTR wireless router Admin
WX-2211 wireless router admin
CGN cable modem,wireless router,analog phone gateway cusadmin password
CGNV2 modem cusadmin password
SoHo 401W router
HG256s wireless router,analog phone gateway admin admin
WN-APG R router
G204 wireless router
N8004R wireless router
KNR7TXD router
Bizhub C252 none 12345678
FS-4020DN (none) admin00
KR2 router
KR1 router admin
FBR-1416A admin password
FBR-1430 admin password
WBR-6601 modem admin password
WBR-6600 modem admin password
WBR-3600 modem admin password
WBR-6005 router admin password
WBR-6022 router admin password
WBR-6002 router admin password
WBR-6001 router password
WBR-6010 router admin password
WBR-6020 router password
WBR-6003 router admin password
WBR-6800 router password
WBR-3800 router password
WBR-2400TX router
WBR-6000 router admin password
WBR-3408 router admin password
WBR-6011 wireless router admin password
WCG200 modem comcast 1234
SPA-2100 router admin (none)
BEFSR81 router admin password
WCG200 router (blank) admin
WGR101 router admin password
SPA2102 router,analog phone gateway,VoIP phone adapter user & admin
WRT54G-TM wireless router admin
WRTU54G-TM wireless router,analog phone gateway admin admin
BEFCMUH4 wireless router,cable modem admin
ABR-4400 admin admin
XBR-2300 admin admin
XBR-4400 admin admin
XWR-1750 wireless router admin admin
EtherMax admin admin
SG310 firewall root
Mitsumi Electric
Wavit11 access point password
8070 router admin admin
8069 router admin admin
8742 (MW368R) wireless router
SURFboard SBG6580 cable modem,wireless router admin motorola
SURFboard SBG6782-AC modem admin Motorola
3347-02-100Q modem
SURFboard SVG7782U modem admin Motorola
PA-WR8170N-HP router admin blank
Aterm WR8600N router
WR7800H router
CG2003 admin password
CG3000 MSO changeme
CG3000D-RG chtruser charter
CG3100 admin password
CG814GCMR admin password
CG814WG v2 comcast 1234
CGD24N superuser password
CVG824G admin password
DG632 admin password
DG834GT V1.03.87
DG834GV admin password
DIR300 admin password
DM11P admin password
FVS114 admin password
FVX538 admin password
FWG114P admin password
MR314 admin password
RP114 n a admin 1234
RT314 admin 1234
WGR614 v5 admin password
WNDR3300 none none
C3700 cable modem,wireless router admin password
DG814 dsl modem admin password
FR328S firewall admin password
LG6100D LTE gateway,wireless router admin password
CG2003D modem admin password
DG834GVSP modem admin password
CG814WG modem superuser password
CG814WB modem admin password
CGD24N modem admin password
MBR1515 router admin password
RP614 router admin password
RT311 router admin 1234
MBR1210 router admin password
FVG318 wireless router admin password
FVW318 wireless router admin password
FWAG114 wireless router admin password
MBR1516 wireless router admin password
MBR624GU wireless router admin password
MBRN3000 wireless router admin password
MVBR1210C wireless router admin password
WGR101 wireless router admin password
CG3000D wireless router,cable modem admin password
CG3000 wireless router,cable modem,analog phone gateway admin password
D6200 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
D6300 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DG834GB wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DG834GT wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DG834N wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DG834PN wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGN1000 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGN2000 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGN3500 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGND3300 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGND3700 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
DGND4000 wireless router,dsl modem admin password
VEVG2500 wireless router,dsl modem,analog phone gateway admin password
ISB SOHO admin (blank)
ISB2LAN user: (blank)
Pro100 user: (blank)
Pro400 user: (blank)
Pro800 Turbo admin (blank)
Nexxt Solutions
Polaris 150 (ARNPR154U1) router admin admin
Acrux 300 (ARN03304U1) router admin admin
Acrux 600 (ARN02604U1) router admin admin
Nebula 150 router admin admin
Viking 150 (ARN01154U4) router admin admin
C330 root aaaaaa
C810 root Last 6 characters (chars uppercased) from MAC Address
501R root root
ACM5004-G root default
FWR-714U router admin admin
FWR-734N router admin admin
M1 router admin admin
Skyline 802.11b Wireless Broadband Gateway (8584) router
TS-220 NAS enclosure
DCW725 modem admin
RF-HTN104 wireless router admin
T900N-X router admin admin
RNX-EasyN400 router admin admin
T600N router admin admin
RNX-EasyN4 router admin admin
RNX-N4PS router admin admin
Ruckus Wireless
ZoneFlex 7962 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7343 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 2942 access point admin password
ZoneFlex 7352 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7321 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7372 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7441 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex R310 access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7372-E access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7762-S access point super sp-admin
ZoneFlex 7363 access point super sp-admin
CY-SWR1100 wireless router admin
EPR2320R2 2 Admin
EPR2320R2 v2.0.2r1262-070212 admin admin
2320 admin W2402
93209215 CABLE MODEM EMTA admin
93209215 CABLE MODEM EMTA admin password
93209215 Webstar DPC2434 admin w2402
DPC2203 1.1 admin W2403
DPR2325R3 3 admin W2402
EPC2100 none none
Scientific Atlanta
DPR2320 access point
DPR362 modem
WBR2100AFN router admin admin
WBR4200AGN router admin admin
WBR5200MGN router admin admin
IP802SM access point
IP806GA GB modem admin password
IP1006GA GB modem admin password
IP806MA router
IP806SM router
IP1006SR router admin password
IP906SM router
IP1006RR router admin password
IP706ST router
WL-607 admin admin
WL-106 router
WLR-8100 router admin ”randomly generated”
WL-351 router admin admin
WLR-7100 router admin ”randomly generated”
WL-183 wireless router admin admin
WL-306 wireless router admin admin
WL-308 wireless router admin admin
WL-309 wireless router admin admin
WLR-6000 wireless router admin ”randomly generated”
WLR-6100 wireless router admin
WL-304 wireless router,dsl modem admin admin
SR101 3.45.1133.R admin sky
8014WG mso suddenlink
dc-227v2 001 e.g.1.0,rev.a admin admin
Modem Wireless Router cusadmin password
SMC8014 1B cusadmin password
SMC8014W-G 2A cusadmin password
SMC8014WN unkown cusadmin password
SMCD3GN (none) (none)
SMC8014WG modem cusadmin password
SMCD3GN modem
SG300 root default
SG550 root password
SG560 root default
SG565 root default
SG570 root default
WX-6615M wireless router
Overdrive 3G 4G Mobile Hotspot hotspot password
Overdrive Pro 3G 4G Mobile Hotspot hotspot password
AP-5131 access point admin symbol
TC7200 cable modem,wireless router admin admin
Deskpoint Wireless access point root root
W330 access point
W302 router admin admin
W568R router admin admin
W303R router admin
FH303 router
F452 router admin
N150 router admin
N6 router admin admin
N301 router admin admin
F303 router admin
N80 router admin admin
W3002R router
N60 router admin admin
W307R router admin admin
W330R router admin admin
F300 router admin
W368R router
W1800R router admin admin
FH1201 wireless router admin
FH1202 wireless router admin
N3 wireless router
W311R wireless router admin admin
4G600 wireless router,LTE router admin admin
TWG850-4U cable modem,analog phone gateway,wireless router admin
TWG870 cable modem,wireless router admin
DWG875T cable modem,wireless router,analog phone gateway admin
TD-WDR4300 admin admin
TL-WR841N 7.2 admin admin
TL-WR841N V7 admin admin
TL-WR841ND V7 admin admin
TL-WDR4300 router admin admin
TL-WR841ND router admin admin
TL-WR941ND router admin admin
TL-WR1042ND router admin admin
TL-WR841HP router admin admin
TL-WDR3600 router admin admin
TL-WDR3500 router admin admin
TL-WR840N router admin admin
TL-WDR4310 router admin admin
TL-MR3040 router admin admin
TL-WR843ND router admin admin
TL-WR841N router admin admin
AD7200 wireless router admin admin
Archer C2 wireless router admin admin
Touch P5 wireless router admin admin
TEG-240WS (blank) admin
TEW-432BRP (blank) (blank)
TW100-BRF114 (none) (blank)
TW100-S4W1CA admini admini
TEW-435BRM modem admin password
TEW-431BRP router
TEW-611BRP router admin
TROY Wireless
EtherPortal printer
WRT-383U router admin
DDW2600 modem user user
U10C022 modem user user
UMAX (MaxGate)
UGate-Plus router
XDX-RN502J router admin admin
Virgin Media
Super Hub cable modem,wireless router admin ”randomly generated”
R208 hotspot admin
WS-WR511N1 router admin admin
4110 printer 11111 x-admin
ZIDA Technologies
AirXpress AP11B access point
ZSR4154WS router admin admin
5352 cable modem,wireless router admin admin
5697 modem user password
all models admin admin
MF30 admin admin
MF60 admin admin
MF62 Administrator admin
MF10 router admin admin
PK5001Z modem admin ”randomly generated”